Supplemental Insurance

Supplemental insurance plans offered by Voya pay a cash benefit in case of accident, critical illness or hospital confinement. These plans are not intended to replace medical insurance, but will pay a benefit regardless of other insurance coverage you may have. These funds can be used to replace lost wages, cover out-of-pocket medical costs, or any other cost arising from your covered medical condition. The Accident, Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity plans include a Wellness benefit of $50 for yourself or your covered spouse, and $25 for your covered children once per year if you complete a health screening test such as a pap test, serum cholesterol test for HDL and LDL levels, mammography or colonoscopy.

To file a claim with Voya, click on the Voya Claims Center link in the purple box to the right. loanDepot's group policy number is 0069065-1.

Please be aware that certain pre-existing condition and other limitations may apply, and that the Critical Illness plan does not pay out 100% of the benefit for all conditions. For details on each plans benefits and limitations, please click on the Plan Summary links in the purple box to the right. 

Wellness Pays - Remember, all three Voya Supplemental plans contain a Wellness Rider! If you file a wellness claim after receiving your annual physical, Voya will mail you a check for $50 for each plan that you are enrolled in. 

Accident insurance is designed to help you meet the out-of-pocket expenses and extra bills that can follow an accidental injury, whether minor or catastrophic, that happens on or off the job. This plan provides a lump sum benefit based on the type of injury/covered incident you sustain. Coverage is available for you and your eligible dependents.

You must be actively at work to be eligible for Accident Insurance coverage.

What’s Covered

Here are a few examples of covered injuries and benefit amounts:

Event Benefit
Accident Hospital Care
Surgery – open abdominal, thoracic $1,200
Surgery – exploratory or without repair $120
Hospital admission $1,000
Hospital confinement $250
Emergency Care Benefits
Ground ambulance $120
Emergency room treatment $180