Time Off

Time off can be used for a variety of purposes including vacation or personal days, when you or a family member is ill, or for any other reason. Many full-time employees are eligible for time off. Refer to your offer letter or contact your Human Resources manager.

The amount of PTO an hourly employee can accrue is based on length of service with loanDepot. PTO will stop accruing once an employee has reached the maximum accrual cap; once the balance has fallen below the accrual cap, an employee will resume accruing time each pay period. Please review the table below detailing accrual levels and maximum caps for full-time employees. Note that PTO does not accrue during leaves of absence or other periods of inactive service.

Years of Service Annual Accrual Max Accrual Cap Bi-weekly Accrual Rate
0 – 3 years 15 days (120 hours) 30 days (240 hours) 4.6154 hours
4 – 6 years 20 days (160 hours) 40 days (320 hours) 6.1539 hours
7 – 9 years 23 days (184 hours) 46 days (368 hours) 7.07693 hours
10 – 14 years 25 days (200 hours) 50 days (400 hours) 7.6925 hours
15+ years 30 days (240 hours) 60 days (480 hours) 9.2308 hours

Employees will be paid for the scheduled number of hours they typically work for each Company holiday.

Holidays will not be considered as time worked for purposes of calculating overtime.