United Pet Care

We know that your pets are members of your family, and now you can make sure that they get the medical care they need to keep them healthy and happy. United Pet Care’s plans don’t have exclusions based on breed or size, claim forms to fill out or deductibles to meet. Instead, you receive a 20% - 50% discount on veterinary care, including office visits, annual vaccines, medications and procedures.

Once you elect United Pet Care, you will access their website using the link below to complete your enrollment by choosing one of their three plan options, selecting a primary care veterinarian, and entering information about the pets you are enrolling.

Plan options start at $8.75 for one pet. See the Rates below. To complete your enrollment, visit United Pet Care’s website here.

This is a benefit for pet owners of all sorts, including Dogs, Cats, Birds, Exotics, Ferrets, Pocket Pets, Rabbits and Reptiles. 



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