The vision plan, provided by Superior Vision, provides a benefit for exams and materials. When you enroll in the plan, you have the freedom to see any vision provider you choose, but you generally pay less when you receive care from doctors that participate in the Superior Choice network. If you decide to go to an out-of-network provider, you’ll be reimbursed for exams and eyewear according to a schedule of benefits. Visit for more details on your vision benefits, as well as exclusive savings and promotions for Superior Vision plan members.



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Superior Choice Network Out-of-Network
Copayments $10 exam / $10 materials N/A
Exam (once every calendar 12 months) Covered after exam copay $40 allowance
Lenses (once every calendar 12 months)    
Single Vision Covered after materials copay $32 allowance
Lined Bifocal $42 allowance
Lined Trifocal $58 allowance
Frames (every 12 months) $150 allowance after materials copay $72 allowance
Contact Lenses (once every 12 months; instead of glasses) Elective: $150 allowance; maximum $25 copay for fitting (standard)
Medically-necessary: Covered at 100% after pre-approval
Elective: $100 allowance
Medically-necessary: $210 allowance after pre-approval